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4 June, 2018
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Water damage can be one of our worst nightmares, but SERVPRO of Martin County can help!

Water damage can happen to anyone, but when water damage occurs it can be not only a headache but a safety hazard. Not properly dealing with water damage can cause issues such as mold. Mold can easily take root in areas with moisture problems. However, here are 5 quick Steps to help guide you in knowing how to stop, repair, and prevent water damage properly:

1. Stop The Water Source And Turn Off Electricity:

a. If the water damage has been caused by a source such as a burst pipe, immediately shut off the main water line that is causing the damage. Shutting down the water supply should be your first action.

b. If you cannot tell from where the water is coming or if the water has been created by an uncontrollable source, such as a storm or flood, contact your trusted experts, SERVPRO, immediately.

2. Shut off the power. If your home is flooded, immediately turn off the electricity and gas from the main source. This is not as essential for small leaks, but for large floods turn them off to be safe.

a. Do not handle electrical appliances if you are not properly insulated.

b. If you have to stand in water to turn off the main electricity, consult with an electrician.

3. Gage the Damage. Before you begin your cleanup effort, first determine what is usable and unusable. Take photos to help document the damage for the insurance company.

4. Protect your most valuable possessions. Collect and store your most important items from the flooded area.

5. Seek Help! Call SERVPRO for an estimate.

It is best to deal with water immediately after the damage occurs. Any kind of water damage, big or small, can be a serious pain and can cause significant health and safety issues. It is necessary to prevent the allergic reactions, odors, and damage that the spores cause.

SERVPRO of Martin County is a professional cleaning company that specializes in dealing with Mold Removal and Water Damage. Protect your health; call us if you are facing a mold problem. You know SERVPRO of Martin County as a leader in Water Damage.

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